Why does the carton factory not recommend large-sc

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Why does the carton factory not recommend large-scale printing

release date: Source: because the electronic tensile testing machine system is a closed-loop system interconnection editor: Yu Jia browsing times: 5771 copyright and disclaimer. China has begun a wide range of municipal transformation and park construction. Core tips: Carton customers often hear such words, "large area printing is not recommended" or "large area printing cannot be done". Why

[China Packaging News] carton customers often hear such words, "large area printing is not recommended" or "large area printing cannot be done". Why

first, large-area printing will increase the production cost. First, the amount of printing plate and ink will increase, which directly increases the production cost. Secondly, the scrap rate will rise, indirectly increasing the cost

second, the requirements for paperboard are relatively high. Under what conditions is the paper best installed? Now let's invite the technical personnel of StarTech to do an analysis for you. The raw material level of the board factory is different, causing the cardboard to be transparent, stiff and soft, which will affect the printing of cardboard. Then why not choose a better cardboard? I have learned that the cardboard is affected by the weather and humidity, and the amount of glue applied is more or less. The cardboard will be uneven, and if it is slightly uneven, the cardboard factory will not return it

third, strict requirements for printing machines. In this way, the printing machinery of the general carton factory is about 200000. It takes about 8million printing machines to make a good large-area printing

so if there is no way to print in a large area

the answer is that there is a way to choose a carton factory with paperboard lines, which can directly interfere with the production of paperboard. Of course, such units have initial requirements. Shunfeng, for example, takes this road

what if the quantity is not so large

then you can only choose offset printing, because offset printing is to first print the pattern on a piece of paper, and then paste the paper on some key properties to achieve more than corrugated, so as to avoid the impact of corrugated on printing. Of course, this will increase the price of cartons

if the watermark is printed directly on the paper, is it OK to stick corrugated

theoretically speaking, this is the past, but it is still the problem of watermarking machinery. General watermarking machinery cannot be printed on paper. The paper is too thin

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