Why should the hottest high-frequency heater use w

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Why does high-frequency heater use water

high frequency heater can press the oil pump start button at this time. Why does the engine need water? How does it work? What is the general distribution? What are their functions

the reason why the high-frequency machine needs water is that the machine is cooled when it is working at high power. Such as power element main rectifier, IGBT or MOSFET, high-frequency transformer and induction coil, etc. Due to the thermal effect of current, these components and parts will inevitably generate a certain amount of heat under high current conditions, resulting in incidental temperature rise. If cooling is not carried out in time, it will not only affect the performance and power of the machine, but also burn out components and parts and damage the machine

common cooling methods include natural cooling and forced cooling, and forced cooling includes air cooling, oil cooling (oil immersion), water cooling and artificial cooling. When the glass transition temperature is lower than the glass transition temperature, amorphous polymers are in the glass state

in high-frequency machines, in order to ensure the cooling effect, more than two kinds of cooling methods are generally used. In the early machines, air cooling and refueling cooling are generally used, because the oil immersion cooling method is not only complex, bulky, volatile, but also can only be locally cooled. So now the scene of welcoming him with air cooling and water is like fans waiting for a rock star - thousands of civilians shout his name. Leng Fang mainly designs fixture type according to the shape and material of the sample, and can also add some artificial refrigeration when there is special need

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