With a total investment of 408.7 billion yuan, shu

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With a total investment of 4.087 billion yuan, the 300000 ton bamboo pulp and paper integration project of Shun jierou was officially signed

on July 29, Qu county, which lacks the original innovation ability, officially signed a contract with the 300000 ton bamboo pulp and paper integration project of Zhong Shun jierou. The planned investment of the project is about 4.087 billion, and the total construction period is expected to be 70 months. Among them, the pulping production line will be invested at one time and completed within three years; The paper production line is constructed in three phases, with an output of 100000 tons per phase

Hezheng, member of the Standing Committee of Dazhou Municipal Party committee and vice mayor, Gou Xiaoli, Secretary of Qu county Party committee, and other city and county leaders as well as some senior executives of Zhongshun jierou witnessed the signing; Quxian county Party committee deputy secretary and county magistrate Wang Jinan Liangong gap broach is equipped with a double position broach. Feihu signed a contract with Deng Guanbiao, President of Zhongshun jierou Paper Co., Ltd., on behalf of the Quxian County People's government; Liu Wei, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, presided over the signing ceremony

it is understood that the 300000 ton bamboo pulp paper integration project invested by Zhongshun jierou in Qu will break the current situation of long-term dependence on foreign imports of raw material commodity wood pulp, realize the production mode of bamboo pulp paper integration, reduce intermediate links, broaden the profit space of the company, and then realize benign and sustainable development

After the signing ceremony, he Zheng made a speech. He said that Dazhou, as a comprehensive transportation hub from east to North in Sichuan and a regional central city at the junction of Sichuan, Chongqing and Shaanxi determined by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, "two orientations" and striving to become a sub central city of the province's economy, is in a critical period of heavy-duty transformation and accelerated development. The bamboo pulp paper integration project signed today is not only a beautiful rural construction project, but also an important investment project in which Qu county is at the forefront of the city's development. It is hoped that the Quxian county Party committee and government will further optimize the investment environment, strengthen active services, and speed up project promotion; It is hoped that Zhongshun jierou company will strengthen its work, reasonably arrange the construction period, and complete and put into operation as soon as possible. He said that it would provide Zhongshun jierou with a first-class policy environment, government affairs environment, legal environment and humanistic environment, and create excellent conditions for the smooth implementation of the project, with a year-on-year decrease of 25.1%; The gross profit margin decreased from 24.5% to about 15.5%; Quality conditions, and strive to promote mutual benefit, win-win results and common development

Gou Xiaoli congratulated on the successful signing of the project and gave a warm speech. She said that the 300000 ton bamboo pulp paper integration project of Zhongshun jierou is the specific practice of Quxian County in implementing the decision of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on promoting the development of bamboo industry. It is a powerful exploration to implement the 6+3 industry of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. It plays an important role in promoting the development of the county economic characteristics of Quxian county and making the industry "carry the banner" and "carry the beam". The signing of the project will surely lay a solid foundation for the economic and social development of Quxian county, Let bamboo leaves become another beautiful scenic spot in the beautiful countryside of Sichuan. Gou Xiaoli hopes that more "top 500 enterprises of Category 3" will invest in Qu county; I hope every cadre can become the spokesperson of attracting investment; It is hoped that Zhongshun jierou will pragmatically promote the construction of the project and put it into operation as soon as possible

Deng Guanbiao said that he would use faster time to pay close attention to the scientific research of the project, concentrate on the implementation of product research and development, and build it as soon as possible to generate value, meet the needs of more consumer daily necessities, and repay the society

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