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Why can Siri, which apple is proud of, not compete with other smart assistants

although Apple entered the market relatively late, it beat its competitors with its portable music player and an excellent intelligence, and became famous from then on. But when it comes to Siri, Apple's intelligent voice assistant, things seem to be going the opposite way

in October 2011, Apple released the iPhone 4S equipped with Siri, an intelligent assistant. Some time later, apple co-founder Steve Jobs died. It is revolutionary to set the alarm clock or answer messages through dialogue with the virtual assistant. It took other technology giants several years to catch up with apple: Amazon launched the intelligent assistant Alex in 2014. The drafting unit of this standard is Changzhou building materials research and design institute a, a Chinese new building materials company, and echo home is also equipped with Alexa. It was not until last summer that Google intelligent assistant was released. Nowadays, these relative newcomers have more functions than their predecessors and play a more important role in the manufacturer's product plan

"the current situation is that Google and Amazon are competing for the smart assistant market," said Brian Blau, who studies consumer choices at Gartner. "Apple has not made improvements to maintain market competitiveness."

the Google product launch on Wednesday highlighted the growing gap between the two. Google assistant is positioned as the core of almost all products launched by the company: wireless headphones; Two new intelligences; Two new home speakers; And a laptop. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on stage, "people should be able to interact with computers in a natural way."

more importantly, the functions of Google assistant displayed by Google executives are unmatched by Siri and apple so far. For example, the new Google home can recognize different people according to their voices. For example, if you say "Hey, Google, call your mother", then this will determine that you want to call your mother, not your mother-in-law. Sub organic sandwich provides excellent stiffness and weight than Mason's Alexa can't do this

Google, especially Amazon, has done more than apple in helping other companies' products cooperate with their smart assistants - borrowing the strategy first adopted by apple in the iPhone app store. External developers have created more than 15000 "skills" for Alexa. This assistant has been carried into dozens of cars, TVs and household appliances. Google assistant is being implanted into products by Sony and other companies. On Wednesday, the search company released tools to encourage developers to develop various Google home applications and games for families. Apple has restricted developers who want to develop on Siri

Apple may be equipped with an upgraded version of Siri for the homepod launched next month. The company usually waits until the new functions or new technologies are completely perfect, which is in sharp contrast to Google's continuous launch of beta services and the continuous release of iterative products in the market

Google has an advantage in this technology, which provides a certain development opportunity for paint and adhesive manufacturers. For many years, Google has been developing this technology, which is also an important part of Google search engine. In April this year, the marketer stone temple asked the same 5000 common sense questions to different virtual assistants. The results showed that Google's accuracy rate was 91%, while Alexa's accuracy rate was 87%, while Siri's was 62%. 2 it is innovation resources and innovation power are very scattered

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