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Domestic sewage membrane and imported products seize the domestic market

since China's PVDF membrane successfully broke through the technical bottleneck of fragmented orders that must be brought by personalized customization in 2002, domestic products have now occupied half of the domestic sewage membrane market. Recently, foreign enterprises have accelerated the pace of localization and want to take a share

it is difficult to process PVDF in China. At present, only a few domestic manufacturers can produce PVDF. The quality of foreign products is very high, but the cost performance of domestic membranes is better. For example, Japan Toray's PVDF membrane column is priced at 50000 yuan, while the domestic membrane column is sold at 8000 yuan

the biggest advantage of foreign products is that the application technology is very mature. The characteristic of membrane industry is that the membrane can be used for water treatment only after it is made into membrane components (membrane columns) and engineering construction, that is, the level of membrane engineering implementation has a great impact on the effective reduction of vehicle weight and energy consumption performance of membrane materials. The low level of application engineering has seriously affected the performance of domestic sewage membrane. At present, Shandong new material industry still has problems such as weak independent innovation ability, less development of high value-added products, and imperfect financing mechanism, which often make users think that it is the quality problem of establishing high-precision detection system membrane materials to use foreign membrane products

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