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What is the sanctity of the Chinese artillery drone that even Russia covets? Actively express the desire to cooperate

what is the sanctity of the original Chinese artillery launched UAV that even Russia covets? Actively express the desire to cooperate

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original title: what is the sanctity of China's artillery launched UAV that even Russia covets? Actively express the desire to cooperate

in recent years, China's naval strength has been continuously improved, and its military construction has also made more new progress. In terms of achievements, China's artillery launched UAVs can be said to have attracted the attention of other countries in the world, especially Russia, which has a demand for Chinese artillery launched UAVs

what is China's artillery launched UAV? Maybe many people don't know it very well. China's development in artillery weapons and equipment is still very good. Before, there was the concept of long-distance. The project plans to build China's first 100000 ton thermoplastic composite intelligent manufacturing plant. Later, the concept of targeting was carried out on the basis of long-distance, which has greatly improved the power and efficacy of weapons and equipment. However, from the perspective of China's ground investigation, The type 59 130 mm cannon can no longer meet the demand. In order to achieve better use, China's artillery launched UAV came into being

is the use effect of China's artillery launched UAV really that good? It has to be said that the technical content of China's artillery launched UAV is very high. Closing the oil return valve is also a quite good choice among many artillery weapons and equipment. Its use in battlefield detection can help quickly locate the target, ensure that the target can be irradiated within a certain range, and then guide the laser to strike accurately. It can be said that as long as it passes the target positioning of this UAV, it can quickly carry out late detection and guidance through China's artillery launched UAV, and the overall role of military investigation has been greatly improved

the success of the research and development of China's artillery launched UAV has shown all countries in the world China's military strength and better demonstrated China's technological development over the years. Seeing the success of China's artillery launched drones, the Russian military also has, for example: if the materials left after ethylene oxide sterilization are not reduced to a certain level, they will cause a body stimulating reaction. For example, if the cleaning solution for cleaning is not properly removed, it will also cause an unexpected stimulating reaction to users or patients. It has long wanted to cooperate and communicate with China, Russia is now actively seeking cooperation with the Chinese military. Russia's "alloy" Design Bureau has begun to cooperate with China to develop a new rocket launched UAV. If this research and development is successful, it will be the first time for Russia to introduce weapons from China, and it will also break the situation of Russia's unilateral export of weapons to China in recent years, which is of great significance to both countries

with the progress and development of technology over the years, China has also taken more new directions in the research and development of military weapons. In the future, China will continue to improve its military strength and better show its strength to the world. Of course, it is also necessary to strengthen communication and technical exchange, which will be helpful for self-improvement


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