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The national printing vocational skills competition Shanghai Tobacco printing employees achieved good results the third national printing industry vocational skills competition on the errors and shortcomings of tired experimental machines, which has attracted the keen attention of the printing industry, has come to a successful conclusion. Many employees of Shanghai Tobacco printing company performed well and achieved good results in this competition, including Wei Gang, ye Kai Three comrades of Fu Xiaofeng won the title of national technical expert of one batch of enterprises in Ningbo, and another 11 comrades won the first, second and third prizes in various competitions

this competition is sponsored by the General Administration of publishing and the Ministry of human resources and social security, and organized by China employment training technology guidance center, China printing according to the response brush Technology Association of current application customers and China Newspaper Association. There are three types of competition work, namely, lithographic plate maker, lithographic printer and printing finishing worker, which are divided into seven groups, attracting more than one million printing workers from all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country

the company will take this competition as an opportunity to continue to do a good job in the guidance of various vocational skills competitions, carefully summarize the competition experience, further improve the professional skills training level of technical personnel in the industry, and stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of employees in learning technology and practicing skills, As an important way to speed up the cultivation of high skilled talents

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