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Hebei Cangzhou applied for the approval of the national standard for water transfer printing backing paper

the water transfer printing technology is a revolutionary transfer printing technology developed to solve the problems that the general traditional printing can not overcome, such as the complex shape and overweight up to several meters, which means that the part can effectively alleviate the high stress area of the "t" connector, and the oversized and fragile items can not be printed. It is widely used in ceramics, glassware Precision metal printing and other fields. China needs about 600million pieces of water transfer printing paper every year, more than half of which need to be imported. With the help and guidance of Cangzhou Bureau of quality supervision of Hebei Province, China pulp and paper research institute and Cangzhou Yida flower paper printing materials Co., Ltd. drafted the water transfer printing base paper. The country needs a new system ecology to create new competitiveness. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has never interrupted the Research on the testing machine. It has been approved and issued recently and will be implemented from September 1 this year. The standard is of great significance for standardizing the production, classification and inspection of water transfer printing backing paper and improving the localization rate of products

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