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On October 15, according to the spirit of the emergency notice on strengthening the production, operation and management of liquid milk issued by the general office of the State Council, anyone who uses reconstituted milk in the production of sterilized milk, yogurt and other products must print eye-catching marks on the packaging from now on. However, some supermarkets and shops selling liquid milk were randomly visited in Guiyang yesterday, and no dairy products marked with "reconstituted milk" were found

several large supermarkets in Guiyang, such as Wal Mart and Beijing Hualian, saw that the liquid milk products sold by these merchants were all produced five or six days ago by dairy enterprises, and no dairy products marked with "reconstituted milk" were found. According to the salesperson of the supermarket, it will take several days for the liquid milk produced on the 15th to be put on the shelves

according to an employee surnamed long in Beijing Hualian fresh food area of Xiangya village, the supermarket has not received the relevant notice from the enterprise, quality supervision, industry and Commerce and other departments, so it has not refused the liquid milk that is not labeled with reconstituted milk

no sign of "reconstituted milk" was found in some small shops. Many salespeople and consumers do not even know what "reconstituted milk" is, nor do they know the relevant regulations newly issued by the state

information source: Jinqian Guizhou Metropolis Daily

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