On July 14, the manufacturer's confidence was good

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In the same standard, different sample sizes are often given for different materials

at the macro level, several employment data recently released by the U.S. government show an improvement trend, which is related to the resumption of economic activities in various states. The Bureau of statistics of the U.S. Department of labor said that the unemployment rate fell 2.2 percentage points to 11.1% month on month in June. Another survey report on job vacancies and labor losses released by the Ministry of labor on the 7th showed that the number of job vacancies rose from 5million in April to 5.4 million this month, mainly in the accommodation and catering services, retail and construction industries. The number of departures, including layoffs and resignations, decreased by 5.83 million in may. Public opinion in the United States believes that the economy has shown some signs of recovery recently, but due to the rebound of the epidemic in many states, the severe epidemic situation is causing fundamental damage to the job market and dragging down the overall recovery of the U.S. economy

from a regional perspective, the quotations of manufacturers in Northeast and adjacent North China continued to rise slightly. In the early stage, North China and other regions had more capacity removal, freeing up a certain market space. At the same time, the recent rainfall in the north is less than that in the south, and the orders of glass processing enterprises are relatively better

East China:

recently, the overall trend of the glass spot market in East China has been flat, the delivery of production enterprises has not changed much, and the market confidence is OK. In the early stage, the price adjustment in South China was relatively large. First, the expanded production coverage was directly lower than that in the East China market. After the recent spot price adjustment, it was basically close to that in East China, and had exceeded the spot price in East China in the past two days. Return to the previous normal state. Manufacturers in East China have a good mentality and think that the demand of the terminal market will increase in the later stage. At present, the spot price still has a certain increase range and space. At present, the demand of the terminal market is general, which is mainly affected by rainfall and other factors. It is expected that it will return to normal in the future. Before entering the traditional peak sales season, the price support operation is the main

South China:

today, the overall trend of the glass spot market in South China is general, the delivery situation of production enterprises has not changed much, and the market confidence is OK. In the past two days, the quotations of some manufacturers with low inventory have increased, while other manufacturers are mainly on the sidelines for the time being, and continue to increase the sales of inventory and the withdrawal of funds. It is understood that the amount of glass entering Malaysia remains at a normal level. The two production lines in Hunan, which ignited in the early stage, have plans to produce glass this month, with a daily melting capacity of 1000 tons. Recently, the glass production enterprises in Central China are generally out of the warehouse, mainly due to the influence of rainfall and other factors on road transportation, and the manufacturer's production has been maintained in a normal state

North China:

today, the overall trend of the glass spot market in North China is general, and the delivery situation of production enterprises has not changed much, and the market situation is good. At present, the weather condition in the north is better than that in the south, which is conducive to the decoration construction of real estate buildings, and the order delivery of processing enterprises is better. The capital situation of real estate enterprises is general, so the orders of processing enterprises have not changed much recently. Affected by factors such as the reduction of production capacity in the early stage, the market confidence of production enterprises is good. It is worth noting that the recent capacity increase in the northwest region is relatively fast. At the same time, 1300 tons of Shahe Yingxin relocation line has been ignited, and the guide plate is expected to be put into production in the middle and late next month

Southwest China:

recently, the overall glass spot market in Southwest China has gone (1) check whether the equipment can't be moved after 15s (time), the trend is OK, the delivery situation of manufacturers has not changed much, and the manufacturer's confidence is good. Through the previous price adjustment, the city has fully met the temperature control indicators specified in the national standard gb/t229-2007 (American Standard ASTM) "metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method", and the field price has basically returned to the previous normal level

Northeast China:

today, the overall trend of the glass spot market in Northeast China is stable, and the market confidence is OK. The quotation of production enterprises continued to rise, and the downstream traders and processing enterprises reported little change. It is sold to the neighboring North China, and the output is relatively large

Northwest China:

today, the overall trend of the glass spot market in Northwest China is basically normal, and the market stock out situation has increased slightly. Since this year, three production lines have been ignited, which has a great impact on the increase of production capacity in the northwest region

aftermarket overview:

recently, the glass spot market has generally shown a stalemate stage. During the transition from the off-season to the peak season, market confidence has changed slightly. The manufacturer's inventory has been greatly reduced in the early stage, so the market confidence is good. The order situation of processing enterprises is general, and the enthusiasm for purchasing glass has changed slightly. At the same time, most traders and processing enterprises in the early stage have a relatively large number of low-cost glass originals, and they are not worried about the supply problem

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